It always seems funny introducing myself on the internet. Truth be told, one of the scariest phrases in any situation is "tell us a little about yourself". My anxiety immediately grabs onto my heart and shakes it like crazy. I'm an over thinker and sometimes need pointed questions. There is a LOT to tell about me. What do YOU want to know? The answers are endless. Let me give a quick little run down: I live in my birkenstocks, I take icing off of cake because I don't like it, I'm pretty sure I can't live without coffee, I love my electric blanket, exercising makes me feel better every time, kale will never be on my shopping list, and if you send me a card with fine glitter on it - it will immediately find it's way to the trash (I let a lot of things slide, but glitter is the only thing I won't allow in the house)! 

Now, it all started with a green camera when I was about 7. I was always taking photos (and likely breaking my parents bank account because this was still in the film only era). Ask any of my friends throughout the years and they will agree - I always had a camera in hand. But, my love for cameras and photographs continued on throughout my college / early adult years.  In 2009, I decided it was time to put some effort into making my dream come true. I attended an immersive program at Maine Media Workshops and gave photography my full attention. The amount of growth I made as a human and a photographer was undeniable. So much so, I was hired right out of the program by various wedding photographers to assist them. I worked under other photographers for a few years while also opening my own business. After I had my kiddo, I decided to set down the camera professionally for a bit and recalibrate. 

It's funny how time slips from your fingers and life takes twists and turns - because 6 years later I was someones housekeeper and not quite where I thought I'd be. I decided it was time to close that chapter and focus on my photography - and I've been working hard ever since. 

I'm so grateful to have you on this journey with me.  My inner child jumps with joy every time someone sends me an email. I mean it when I say I do not take being your photographer lightly. It is an absolute honor to document your moments and I am forever humbled, growing, and learning.

Now, hit up those fun facts and learn a little more about me! 


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Music is always playing when I'm around. And, I do mean always. It is like a warm hug when I'm feeling sad and it's like confetti flying around when I'm feeling happy. I will listen to any music and appreciate the way it can move through my mind and body.


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My beautiful, energetic, + smart little pineapple and my amazingly supportive husband are the anchors in my life. They are the ones who push me to be my best self, and I couldn't be luckier to have them by my side. Bear and Pineapple is named after my daughter. She is my little pineapple, and I'm the momma bear that will always have her back.


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I love tattoos. On me. On you. Currently, I have seven - but always more in the works. Every single tattoo is a chapter of my life that is important to me, and tells a story. I find them to be a beautiful representation of where you've been, and where you're going.


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During the warmer months in Maine, I like to paint signs with positive messages for people passing by. Some of the past messages have said: stay strong, you are beautiful, Black lives matter, and my most colorful one to date - love is love.



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