It is so important to me that everyone (from all walks of life) have access to beautiful photographs. I try to offer a handful of options to be inclusive, in hopes for many people it will not be too out of reach. However, I live in reality and know even my smallest package can still be very expensive to many families. Please be sure to read through each package to decide which one may fit you best. If you want to learn more about pay what you can sessions, please keep scrolling. These sessions are geared towards those who are having financial difficulties but still want beautiful photos. 

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Step TWO

STep Three

If I passed the vibe check, and you want to book - head on over to the contact me tab. Please fill out the form, and I'll get back to you with more information. We're going to have so much fun!

Once we decide on a date I'll have you fill out a questionnaire that will help me complete your contract, invoice, and prep for your session. Once the documents are sent, you will  have 72 hours to pay the deposit and sign the contract. If you do not do this, your date will be released after 72 hours. 

You're booked!! I'll be in touch a few days prior to your shoot (usually via text) to shake out any final details and make sure we are ready to roll. Final payment is due 24 hours prior to your shoot time (unless we have discussed otherwise). You are welcome to e-mail or text me anytime after booking if you have questions or concerns. I am here for you!

As a parent myself, I know you may think an hour is a long time to try and keep your child(ren) calm, cool, and collected. But, I promise you'll need it. With an hour we have more time to "warm up" to each other, stop for snuggles, get some creative shots, and have fun without feeling rushed.


• 55 minutes of shoot time
• 20 miles from Cumberland, Maine (gov't mileage rate applies after)
• Weekend and weeknight booking options
• Password protected gallery 
• Entire gallery of high resolution images are yours to download and keep
• Up to 6 people (per person charge $20 after)
• 70 photos
• 5.5% Maine Sales Tax added for Maine Residents

What's Included

Truth bomb: It will feel like the session just started, and then it's over. These sessions are typically best for older children who can follow directions, or when the weather starts to get really cold. These sessions do not allow for much in terms of creativity, action shots, or time to soothe your children and bribe them into cooperation!


• 20 minutes of shoot time
• 5 miles from Cumberland, Maine
• Weeknights only
• Password protected gallery 
• Entire gallery of high resolution images are yours to    download and keep
• Includes up to 4 people ($20 per person after)
• Approx 15 photos
• 5.5 %Maine Sales Tax added for Maine Residents

What's Included

Mini sessions are typically 15 minutes in length. I have about 3 mini dates a year. Sessions are first come, first serve - and always announced to my newsletter subscribers first - so get on that list! 


• 10 minutes of shoot time
• Location predetermined
• Password protected gallery 
• Entire gallery of high resolution images are yours     to download and keep
• 7 images
• 5.5% Maine Sales Tax added for Maine Residents

What's Included

Want to find out more?

Every person deserves to have beautiful photographs to document their time on Earth. If you are not able to afford an above package, please sign up for my newsletter and you will be notified when I announce my annual Pay what you can sessions. These sessions go fast, and are exactly how it sounds. You pay what you can, or you don't pay at all. Either way is okay, and no judgment! You receive an abbreviated session with me and a handful of images to download and keep. 100% of the proceeds received during these sessions are donated to a local non-profit. In the past I have donated to Equality Maine, Maine Needs, and Through These Doors.